High Bar Homestead

In September I was invited to go on a trip with the usual suspects to this new and exciting location that Ive seen posted on a few big gun companies IG’s and the only thing I knew about this place was that it was owned by someone within the industry and Magpul was posting the most amount of content from there.  As soon as I got the call and the packing list for this trip I knew it was going to be a good time.  First of all a little overview with my subpar writing that wont do this place justice. High Bar Homestead is a ranch located in Gillette, WY. It’s about an hour drive from the airport right in the middle of no where, just where you would want to be to be experience shooting guns at thousands of steel targets that are littered along trails and the hillsides.  Also on the property is a known distance 1000 yard range with a setup for known 1 mile shooting, There are some other stuff going on there that We didnt get to shoot or experience but thats ok.

Keep in mind that most of the content that was created from this trip cant be shared by us quite yet, as this trip was a Noveske trip with the P5 group being represented. ( Noveske, URT , Resco Watches , One More Wave, Supdef and Half Face Blades ) On this trip we got the inside scoop on some new Noveske products dropping along with shooting the shit out all the new stuff that is going to drop! As more content gets the ok from the big boss at Noveske, ill be dropping more and more here and just know that I cannot wait to do so! Some other rad stuff that a handful of us partook in was shooting under nods on a walking trail that you are surrounded by steel targets. So as you walk you can engage steel on the hillsides or on the trail as they present themselves,  Also on this trip is the first time I ate shit while under nods, as described in episode 6.  As always going on trips with the P5 group and bothering , helping Matt lingo with everything and getting good shit on film was a blast ( zero pun )  I can keep going and ramble in text about how awesome this place is but instead ill get together with lingo and talk about it on another episode for the podcast, until then keep an eye out on Noveske with all the new rad shit that should be dropping soon!

For more info about High Bat Homestead  | High Bar Homestead


Shout outs Noveske.com , One More WaveURT URT , Half Face Blades, Resco Instruments , And Matt Lingo …. Sup Def


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