Trash Bag

Not posting or posting enough is an actual problem for me, along with my shitty grammar and everything that comes with it. If for whatever reason you are reading this and you care enough , reach out to me via DM – @fortknoxpodcast and tell me how bad my writing actually is! Moving forward I will be trying to write more for this blog and more posting on the IG for actual content!


Superior Defense Trash Bag!

As everyone who actually knows what the fuck Im about , its bags. At this point in my collection ive stopped buying shit and trying to make things I want, including bags. I have posted about wanting to do a rifle bag across all my accounts but this time it was different. I actually sent out the bag I had to get some things changed and some samples made of what I though would be the perfect rifle bag for me.

BAG DROP -8428

Bellow is the sample bag that I ended up with in M81, you know … a traditntal camo that needs to be around forever! Inside dimensions on this bag is 26 x 8 x 5 roughly and as you can see I have it set up as break down bag with the upper and lower of my 14.5 gun split into two. Ive also run this bag with my 10.5 pistol folded or my MP5 which is a DT54N with a folding pistol brace. Pretty much the reality of this bag is that it holds its shape when you need it to. The outside of the bag is slick, so no straps and molle other than the top straps that you need to carry this shit to and from your rig.  Inside the bag the interior panels ons on the top and bottom are full length hook and loop with a M81 Padded divider, also included in this bag are 6 hook and loop backed securing straps. I can be realistic in saying that I will end up just tossing my shit in the bag without using the straps and throwing mags and whatever other shit I need in the bag when im out the door.  I can honestly say that this bag is the perfect representation of what I wanted out of the orca bag, so I made it what I needed to be.  Also since im writing this now and most now that bag already sold through during the pre sale of limited stock, but there is going to be another run here soon! so make sure you hop on that email blast so you won’t miss the next drop! LINK –





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