Vans syndicate – Defcon

On Saturday 11/10 Defcon will be dropping another shoe, and like the time before it ,the end result won’t be a shocker . This time though. they will be selling everything web only through their website  ( ) Instead of sending them to vault stores or whatever skate shops got them last time.

If you missed any of the 3 shoes they dropped , this is good news for you because you dont have to be anywhere near a cool shop to get your hands on them. But dont forget you have now battle it out with actual sneaker heads who use bots to buy shoes while they sleep in and then turn around and flip them to suckers in the midwest who missed the drop.

Want some actual information on these things?

visit OAF since they seem to have actual information.



Now lets take a look at all the other DEFCON stuff they did with Vans Syndicate just to remind you that you they’ve been at it for alot longer than 3 drops on top of every gun dork just now finding out what vans are!

Either way congrats to Defcon for successfully bringing some style to our community, god knows we all need it!




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