Support FPC !

Here here! If you weren’t aware of some of the crazy shit that has been going down in the gun world! well here it is.

Somehow the assholes at the NRA decided to tell the DOJ/ ATF to re visit the ruling on the Bump stock after the Las Vegas shooting. Here is the problem , fuck the NRA but also that the Obama administration cleared it. So why did the NRA decide that the bump stock was going to the one to take the fall? Who knows but as always the NRA took a L and has been taking major heat on social media and everywhere else.

Fast forward to where we are right now. DOJ / ATF comes out with a ban on the item.

This is some shitty stuff right here….. this could happen to any item in your safe or so the smarter people say.  So as of right now until Sunday 12/23 for pre orders on stickers and shirts. 100% of the proceeds of the stickers and some of the profits from the shirts are going to FCP to help fight this dogshit DOJ/ATF ruling!

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