Carryology Meetup @ The Brown Buffalo

Carryology and Brown Buffalo held a get together at TBB in Costa Mesa and I decided to take the trip down and shoot the shit with Taylor and Doug. Before hand I had given everyone a day or two heads up that I was making the trip out and a few people also made the trip out and hung the fuck out!


Ravage CO. showed up with his product and had to show it off with the correct mag markings! This kid is young and will be doing bigger and better things in the near future, calling it now. TBB CARRY-08245

Taylor Weldon out of focus!TBB CARRY-08246


One of the raddest things was that doug had 2 machines up and running with materials out that you chose , and could watch your bag being made! I didnt get one made because I was too busy running my mouth outside!


Taylor and Doug TBB CARRY-08258TBB CARRY-08262

You all know Ramos.TBB CARRY-08264

Other Taylor on a machine assembling TBB bags for attendees.TBB CARRY-08270

AAARON showed up in one of the rarest supdef shirts.




All and all it was a solid turn around trip to talk with people who are super about bags or who wanted to talk to me about my stuff. thanks to everyone who made it out to show support for both Brown Buffalo and Carryology, and to shoot the shit about supdef.

I need to go to more events like this….

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