Here here! After all the shit talking on mk12’s ive done and still do . I built one like an asshole.


This is the original MK12 KAC “test” gun photo that I saw in the arfcom mk12 thread. For all I know this gun wasnt actually a test gun for that rail.

DQtjmJ0VAAALoXvanother one one with different optic and ring setup. This one also has a AEM on the gun.

Finally , the gun I ended up building along with a parts list of kook shit parts.


MK12 MOD H Parts list

Noveske Mod H barrel

Noveske Upper Receiver

AEM Long collar, ( waiting on AEM 5 and Muzzle Device )

Supdef Lower

Gizzle Trigger

Ace Gen 1 stock

Night Force ATACR 1-8

Burris PEPR 34MM mount non QD.



2 thoughts on “MK12 MOD H

  1. What is the barrel length on this guy ? im trying to set up a nsw recce style rifle but unsure if the 15.1 will fit with the ops in profile and the urx 4.


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