Civi Radio Setups – Some Info.

I am no way an expert on comms or setups but have been getting asked enough about what I run and why. So here are some photos and minimum amount of info on why and what. Oh, and links to the shit I bought.


The current radio setup as follows.

  • PRC 152 clone  ( scored this from a FB group )
  • Baofeng BF-F8HP X2
  • Baofeng BF-R3 – is not mine but I have been using it.


The Baofeng’s all use Kenwood 2 pin connectors for PTT or hand mic’s and use an SMA-F antenna type. Here you can see the radio that lives in my kit is set up with a DISCO 32 VMAS on a BNC.  Meaning my antenna is quick disconnect so I can remove my radio easily for whatever reason and also the VMAS is ran through my carrier. COMMS-09834

The missing link for use between civilian radios and Mil type headsets is the use of an Amplified Push to talk. From all the shit I’ve read says that mil radios use the radio to power the PTT. So for those of us who own Lib’s, Sordin’s, Comtac’s, we need to use a PTT that’s been modified. The one I use is a NEXUS U-94A/U sold by Disco 32.  Not only is it amplified but it also mated with a Kenwood 2 prong making it a direct plug and play unit. COMMS-09823

Once you. have the PTT that fits your radio connection and is also amplified then you are good to go, minus whatever way you want to run your shit on your kit.   Here is how everything is gathered together and stuffed into a tactical talior pouch on my kit.


Here is the TCI Liberator III JTAC Dual Comm setup that I recently took off my helmet to update to Amps. I’ve had this setup for about 6 years and was lucky enough to get the PTT amplified by TCI.  The size of this kit, when routed on your carrier, kinda pushed me into getting something different, also that I have pretty much no use for a Dual PTT setup.




Now if you are a kook like me and you wanted a PRC148/152 or any other cool guy comms but know how shitty dumb hard it is to obtain, so you bought a clone.  The biggest upside of the current clones is that you can use six-pin connectors and don’t have to modify the PTT to power your unit. I will tell everyone who is going to ask about these radios this, they are rad if you have 3-400 bucks to spend for something that looks cool.





This shit more than likely didn’t help too much but here are the links to the stuff that will help you get your Feng up and running to your Comtac’s or any other U94 mil headsets. Also Make sure you follow @AGANZ_ on IG, he is the radio guy. He also has some write ups about ham radio’s along with a buy list for antennas.





Radio Pouch


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