Personal Range Bag Overview?

So far the only thing people ever talk to me about is range bags and other sorts of bags, as everyone already knows, I have a bag problem. After a solid In N Out Session with Tristan I decided to take a run through of all the shit in my range bag since people have […]

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Episode 11 Is live!

2008 And A Dime kicking off with a solid hour and some change with Kevin Brittingham From Q. I won’t talk too much about it in the description because ill go on and on and on! also trying to refrain from using curse words so we can get on iTunes! FKP – 2018! here we […]

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Guess Who’s Home?

The one and only Private Ramos is home from the Army and here to be part of all the dogshit that we throw around here! now that this dude is home maybe I can get home to film me and get some more decent content! Congrats on making it out dude! make sure you follow […]

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