This is parts list for my current spotting scope setup as I have zero input on shooting long-range that is worth a fuck to anyone. I was told I needed to buy a leupold MK4 Spotter. this is a 12-40 with an H32 Inverted. SoI actually run mine upside down to the reticle. Benro Carbon […]

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The return of sticker gun.

Everyone knows about the sticker gun. its a goody concept that Im still unsure how it worked out this way. Well, some things have since changed with the gun as of this morning. Full pause, with the ammo pricing / shortage situation that is currently ongoing. We have switched gears into shooting ” long range”. […]

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Spiritus MK4 Subgun setup

There is zero reason to ramble on about this but I did somehow. Spiritus MK4 Axl hi top DCU zipper Spritus 4 loop insert Spiritus single pistol insert. For whatever reason I also have a thing 2 that needs a GP and a water bottle pouch as well . Both of those are on order. […]

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