Garage sale thread

I have done this in the past and will keep this thread updated as long as shit is for sale. Must DM me with ILL TAKE THIS gotta pay via Venmo since I am banned from PayPal for being too fucking rad and selling guns allegedly. Team Wendy FDE EXFIL bump helmet. Size M comes […]

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Battle Arms OIP Sbr

Haven’t really talked about this gun much since I have been a little tied up at the office. But since I finally got some free time to go and get this thing zeroed, here it finally is. Gun weighs in at 4lbs with a standard carrier and a standard profile 10.5″ barrel. Typically this gun […]

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Compact Use.

Eventually I will get around to taking about more than just a G19 . The CZp10 is a fantastic pistol and should never be over looked.

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HSP Mods Pt 237

Since I am terrible with a seam ripper thing , I made grave solution ( @Grave.Solution ) modify my rig by removing the right side pistol pouch. Then I had him modify the X harness into a H harness so I actually could use this thing. Before you ask I believe he will be offering […]

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