Personal Range Bag Overview?

So far the only thing people ever talk to me about is range bags and other sorts of bags, as everyone already knows, I have a bag problem. After a solid In N Out Session with Tristan I decided to take a run through of all the shit in my range bag since people have been asking. dont think for what ever reason I was remotely prepared for this at all.

Disclaimer, I dont actually carry that much spare shit when it comes to holsters and mag carriers. That was from the last indoor USPSA shoot that I went to and had brought spare shit for My business partner to shoot with , well he didnt show up and  I haven’t cleaned my bag out.

Oh, and the link if you are interested in getting one of these big ass bags!

BAG LINK !!!!!!!


Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 12.10.33 AM

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