The Barter System and Firearms.

First off I want to thank everyone who was willing to make a bad deal with me and trade gun parts for Supdef stickers. Without you guys I wouldn’t have been able to build this rifle to say that I built a gun completely off of the barter system! IG : @bobafetdunks , @natezilla @lort_fudd […]

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The Brown Buffalo Concealsling

Remember in the 90’s when carrying a fanny pack and a 1911 was cool? neither do I, but apparently it was. I hope 1911’s aren’t coming back into style but fanny packs are. Ive searched and searched for a bag that would essentially be big enough but small enough , cause we all have these […]

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SBA3 And the Future!

By now everyone in the gun community should know about the SBA3 and how fucking sweet it actually is. But for some fucking goofy reason you dont know about these things and or you live in a stupid state like i used to , then you should for sure own at least one of these […]

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