Current belt setup

Not alot has changed with my setup on my belt. Mostly just me not being so lazy and just posting shitty photos. I’m sure I will catch some flack for this but this is my setup and its what I shoot with for everything minus comp shooting.

At a glance you can see that this setup is very very stripped down. I don’t run any medical or stabby shit on my belt. The majority of my shooting is done on a flat range and I have a massive medical bag in the back of my vehicle, I also carry medical on my PC.

Blue Alpha is the belt I have been running for about a year and some change, I have found that it fits my needs as the shitty shooter that I am. When looking for a belt I started out with an Eagle Operators belt, it was a wet noodle of a belt and I instantly ordered one of these BA belts.

The holster is a Long shadow customs duty holster for the DVC-P / X300U. Running a UBL Low ride with QLS alongside is a ANR designs thigh strap .

On the other end of this thing I am running two pistol and one rifle mag pouch by Esstac. These as everyone should know are called Kywi’s and they fit all the mags for all my guns. Simple and effective!

Almost forgot, I also run the EDC belt offering from BA that way it would stiffen up the belt some more.

There you go.. decent photos of my setup, hopefully that answers at least one persons question about my belt.





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