the psa 10.5

I am going to try my hand at writing .. so bare with my spelling mistakes and run on sentences. For the record at least I can admit that I am super terrible at this shit. My entire gun collecting / shooting career has been chasing a something better , nicer or both. Fast forward […]

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The return of sticker gun.

Everyone knows about the sticker gun. its a goody concept that Im still unsure how it worked out this way. Well, some things have since changed with the gun as of this morning. Full pause, with the ammo pricing / shortage situation that is currently ongoing. We have switched gears into shooting ” long range”. […]

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Battle Arms OIP Sbr

Haven’t really talked about this gun much since I have been a little tied up at the office. But since I finally got some free time to go and get this thing zeroed, here it finally is. Gun weighs in at 4lbs with a standard carrier and a standard profile 10.5″ barrel. Typically this gun […]

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