Blackhawk Omnivore ….. Fuck

What the fuck do these two pistols have in common? They both have accessory rails that are designed for a pistol mounted light. Unless you’re me and you’re thinking about SBR’ing your G17. Back to the shit at hand, Both of these guns have the ability to accept a pistol light, and in this case […]

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Dead Air Wolfman

I am going to get this out of the way. ┬áThis can sat in NFA jail for 2 months, the quickest I’ve ever had form 4’s come back. ┬áBack to it! Here we the Dead Air Wolfman 9MM multi-caliber rated silencer. I know you have all seen these things and watched everyone else talk about […]

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More USW talk

Yes, more USW posts. Finally, hit the desert to get some more work in and also shoot this thing, so now you get to see the gun ran at 5 yards.  

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I was down 3 now im back up 3.

Remember when I posted about all the fucked up hardware on my pistols? Well I ended up stripping the hardware on my rolland and the hardware for the plate on my STI came loose along with the fact I couldn’t get the hardware out of the plate made it very interesting. After a cry baby […]

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