the psa 10.5

I am going to try my hand at writing .. so bare with my spelling mistakes and run on sentences. For the record at least I can admit that I am super terrible at this shit.

My entire gun collecting / shooting career has been chasing a something better , nicer or both. Fast forward to July when a buddy was looking for an inexpensive 10.5 upper from PSA. If you have seen the YT stuff I have been making with this gun then you will know exactly what I am talking about. He and I both ordered this cheap 189.00 with no BCG no CH upper. I don’t know what barrel is in it, I don’t even know if its chrome lined. I highly doubt its anything worth a shit. Fast forward to this thing actually showing up in a timely manner and getting it together with spare parts stolen from Grainger. I ended up with the gun that is photo’d above. DD Lite FSP Rail , PSA upper , PSA BCG , BAD Charging handle and a blackwater lower. Oh, there lower is also a MG.

Optic choice. Shout out to Overbore Systems for donating the mount where I ended up having a Holoson floating around and wanted to give it a chance to see if I can break it. So that ended up on the gun. Still kicking and holding zero.

Silencer Choice. First we had the Dead Air Sierra 5 and pretty quickly was switched out for the Otter Creek Labs Polonium K. The Polonium has had the back end switched out to a DA Xeno mount. It is the current setup for this silencer on this gun.

living with a RIS III and a NGAL

as of today I received the newest addition to the shit box PSA. Delta Optics 1-6 Illuminated LPVO which I am borrowing from Annex Defense.

ended up picking up a Reptilia 30MM mount with a RMR top cap. because it made sense .. or whatever.

Lets see how long this optic last.

Current setup for the PSA 10.5

Blackwater Lower

USGI m16 trigger

PSA upper reciever

PSA Freedom Barrel

DA Xeno A2 style flash hider

BAD charging handle

Magpul furniture


Unity Button / Ramp

MOD light OKW

Otter Creek Labs / DA Zeno Adapter

Delta Stryker 1-6

Reptilia 30MM mount / RMR cap

RMR type 2 3.5moa

The intentions of this gun is to see truly how shitty or bad the ” low tier ” products actually are also….. to prove that I am a man of the people……. and attempt to sway PSA into a Supdef collab by shooting the ever living shit out of their product.

Honestly , this thing rules in all its steps up to its current setup . I actually am looking forward to taking a class with this at the end of the year and putting it through its paces.

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