2011 Holster update / Belt update

Currently if you are a 2011 shooter than you already know how shitty it is to find a holster that is out of the box that will fit your exact model 2011. I on the other hand get extra hosed because up until STI changed their name I have been shooting a STI DVC P ( 5 inch , full dust cover ) and that made it harder to find a RMR /X300 holster. Luckily when I first picked up this gun QVO who is local was able to turn out some kydex for me. Unfortunately for me his holster wasn’t on my belt long due to wanting to run retention. The retention dilemma lead me down another path to where I landed on a Long’s Shadow Customs holster. Without getting to far into detail on why the aftermarket bale on this setup sucks, it doesnt stay closed and no matter how much adjustment I would make it would still come down. Great holster shitty bale ( thanks aftermarket) . Needles to say I have been waiting for a while on something worth my time when it comes to a retention holster for my 2011.

Enter this fucking monster of a holster . Blackhawk L2 T series 2011 Holster . ( HERE ) I have been looking for one of these for a while and havent really seen any info on if it fit a 5″ gun reliably or not. Luckily Roger from QVO had purchased one to run and went with a L3 while I wanted the L2 I was able to buy this one from him.

All though this really isnt a holster review more of an update into what I will be running for my 2011 as it is my primary pistol. I will say that I haven’t been this stoked on anything Blackhawk has ever made. I already own an omnivore because Charliemikelv talked so much about how much it ruled for being the most universal holster ever. So naturally with Blackhawk actually doing something worth a fuck and innovating their products I decided to upgrade (?) to this thing.

Now onto part 2 of this. While I still run QLS shit on my belt I decided to try out a new belt mount setup while I was ordering adapter parts to get rid of the factory Blackhawk belt mount.

True North shit has been floating around for a while and im behind the curve on this one and while I was on the website I decided to make the switch to the holster adapter. Lets see how much I end up digging this thing.

more to come with a video sooner than later.

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