MK18 Clone Build list

As promised, the parts list for my EOD clone with some detailed photos of the shit show that it is.

EOD MK18 Parts list


  • Pre sample Depot Gen 1 Lower
  • random LPK 
  • SSA-E Trigger 
  • A2 grip 
  • CTR milspec 
  • Milspec tube 
  • Carbine spring 
  • H1 Buffer 


  • Noveske Gen 1 Receiver 
  • Noveske 10.5 FSP barrel 
  • Noveske BCG 
  • DD 9.5 FSP LITE rail 
  • A2 flash hider 
  • Knights Micro rear BUIS 
  • BCM Mod4 charging handle 
  • CQD Sling mount ( front ) 
  • Larue ECOS-C riser 


  • Eotech XPS 3
  • Surefire M720V 
  • Peq15 
  • Griffin M4SD ( not even close to being a clone can )
  • Grave Solutions Sling 

Not a very standard Mk18 build, since you really don’t see EOD clones. The real reason I ended up with this clone is due to the fact that I already had 99% of the parts in a parts bin. 



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