Baofeng Shit.

Since everyone is all hyped on HAM radios and the government was trying to ban china imports that have too much power, I took one of the ones I owned and repainted it. For whatever reason, a spray-painted radio looks way cooler than just a black one. The first time around I had some overspray […]

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Sub-gun chest rigs – setups?

Since this whole shutdown thing, I haven’t been shooting as much 556 since every asshole and their cousin bought everything. So during these kook times, I’ve been shooting more sub-guns aka my Mp5 and my Noveske N9.  I posted the Haley with 556 inserts and and everyone already knows I have multiple Spiritus MK4′ and […]

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I’ll come out and say it; this thing is pretty cool.  I guess it was only a matter of time before I ended up with one of these HSP micros.    Video at the end. I decided to go with a triple 556 insert for this kit. Solid details that only some dork like me […]

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Crye Zip on back panel 2.0

Yet another no one has asked overview of a product 90% of us don’t need, but 10000% want to own. To get this out of the way, I have no real reason to own this thing, yet it is super rad, and I wanted it. I would go with that if you are reading this, […]

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