Sub-gun chest rigs – setups?

Since this whole shutdown thing, I haven’t been shooting as much 556 since every asshole and their cousin bought everything. So during these kook times, I’ve been shooting more sub-guns aka my Mp5 and my Noveske N9.  I posted the Haley with 556 inserts and and everyone already knows I have multiple Spiritus MK4′ and  it is now time I have dedicated micro for my subguns.


Spiritus  MK4  Micro Fight is up first!


SMG insert and an AXL full-width zipper. This setup has been run as a chest rig stand-alone and on a plate carrier.


Haley Strategic Partner D3CRM

KIT-09379The D3CRM for me is going to pull double duty with the 556 inserts along with the SMG inserts. I ended up copping the H harness for this thing because I hated the X harness, I’m too big for that shit! Haven’t gotten out to the desert to shoot with this thing on yet but so far with the dry runs I’ve been doing, it feels right at home.


Spritus Systems MK4 Micro fight  – Here

Haley D3CRM – Here 

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