Rifle magazine round up , kinda

As much shit as I talk about pistol mags, ugghhhhh ETS!  Went out to go shoot my fresh ass Noveske SBR that I just got a form 1 back ( in 2 weeks ) and finally run these Lancer mags that have been sitting in a mag bag for about 2 years.


In the magazine line up that made it out of the range bag and into the cruiser  from left to right, COLT , C Products Defense x2 , Lancer in smoke and a Lancer in clear.  Im not quite sure where I got the colt mag but it had a magpul follower in it and a rivet to limit it to 10 rounds so I modified it back to 30. The two CPD mags I was sent by CPD to  shoot the fuck out of them.  Which leaves me to these two lancer mags, I bought these randomly because I was told they are solid mags. Shot about 400 rounds between the two and I dont consider that to be alot of round through a mag.  But here we are talking about magazines that dont suck, and so far these have worked as advertised and I have only one thing to complain about.


When dropping or clanging and banging mags the lancers sound super goofy. For whatever reason I decided to write this out and discuss this with people , the mags sound goofy when you drop them and have them rolling loose in your bag. After everything said and done I have nothing new to tell you . Lancers work and they work well and I never had any issues so yay! But here is a picture of my new SBR.

I need to drop another podcast , sorry ive been lagging.