NVG shit you need – ECHO ARMS!

I guess its about time for me to start talking about night vision shit I personally think you should own and use. First let me remind you that I am not a professional shooter and I have some time under noodles mainly chasing my cat and making noise with the crew in the middle of the desert.  The accessory im about to write about comes to us from Echo Arms and its one of the most simple things you could buy that has lots of potential.

As you can see its a piece of plastic that is curved with velcro on the back and a M- Lok slot in the center. In simple terms its rad and can be used for lots of things as you are about to find out. One of the best aspects of this piece of kit is that its cheap! not cheap as in shitty but cheap as in inexpensive, and since you are either into NV or new to NV then you know how much everything cost just because. This mount known as the fast attach mount as mentioned before has a M- Lok slot in the center of it and with a little bit of creativity you can add whatever M-lok shit to it and stick it on your helmet.


As you can see it sticks where you need it on your helmet and take it off super easy when you dont. Something I want to point out is that most ways to mount things to your helmet is always done with some sort of creative solution such as duct tape or goofy ass straps. I just so happened to need a way to mount my lanyard for my sentinels to my helmet and since I dont have vent holes and run a helmet cover it leaves me with limited options.


What I ended up doing with one of my fast attach mounts is cutting it to fit around the rail mounted ear pro mount that sticks up higher than the opscore one and then trimmed the top of the fast attach mount to make it a little smaller. This gave me the ability to mount a Unity tactical knuckle that i replaced the mounting hardware with some spare M- Lok hardware. As you can see I run a Wilcox lanyard along with a Princeton tech Light  ( red / white ). Above that in the center of the helmet I have a X300-u on a un modified mount.

Here is the best part about these things in comparison to most things on the NV market, these are cheap and if you need a way to mount something other than a flash light you can modify one like I did and make whatever you need work.  I also use one in my Supdef Trash bag,  Throw it in the bag on mount whatever shit im not using in there, now it won’t spill out of the bag in the back of the rig or leave it behind in the desert.  After everything said and done, you need one of these if you have a helmet and shoot with NVG, they are cheap and work as advertised !

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