The Brown Buffalo Concealsling

Remember in the 90’s when carrying a fanny pack and a 1911 was cool? neither do I, but apparently it was. I hope 1911’s aren’t coming back into style but fanny packs are. Ive searched and searched for a bag that would essentially be big enough but small enough , cause we all have these needs for a bag. There is the Spiritus systems fanny sack and its just too small and I semi refuse to buy a supreme one just because of… well supreme.  About 6 months ago a buddy told me about a company in Costa Mesa ,CA that was pretty small time and making good quality cool backpacks.  Enter Brown Buffalo, they are smaller operation with a hand full of products and one of the newest ones I notice was the Concealsling. This bag looked to be the right size and the measurements all lined up. Well I got that shit in the mail yesterday and took it on a trip with me to try it out.


First impressions

I went with the color I went with because I felt it was more low vis and wasn’t going to be so out there witch is kinda weird since I always buy fucked up color ways to begin with. I opened the bag and started instantly tugging at things and looking at the stitches and feeling everything out. Typically when you buy a bag from a company that isn’t a ” mil style ” bag or uses ” mil materials ” you get the sense that its subpar, or at least I do. This thing doesn’t feel anything like that . This bag is built really and everything feels really solid. Im super stoked on this thing!

On the front of the bag you have a slim pocket  that would fit your chapstick or supdef slaps. Then once you flip the thing over you find the back side of the bag is padded accompanied by a pretty thick strap that is made out of seatbelt material. Note the synch straps on the side? yeah it has those and they work really well. On the synch straps it also has retaining elastic to keep those straps together and keep em from flopping around.


Now the shit that actually matters, the inside.

This bag has 2 compartments, front is smaller then the rear and and they both have some internal pockets along with a key holder.  Rear pocket is divided into 2 with the divider being a piece of nylon that has hook and loop to act as a “secure” pocket. I put a G19 in a IWB holster in there and fit. So if you carry a smaller gun it will for sure fit in there with no issues.  My initial stuff it test had a G42 / Leica M4 with a lens / Apple Beats X in a case and a Hafa 4 Roll 35MM canister.   Bag still had some spare space for a phone charger , maybe even a spare mag, space isn’t an issue with this bag.  I actually have more shit in this thing for the stuff it than what I would personally carry but that a good thing for the sake of a review and I can’t say I won’t every have this much stuff in it, so its nice to know what I can and can’t stuff in it.

I really do like this bag and I will be carrying it around with me while im out and about so there will be some more updates in due time. Until then I think its safe to say this was a solid purchase from a company that makes some rad shit.



BUY a Concealsling HERE

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