Today is the day that I start on the EOD upper.

10.5 Noveske upper showed up before I took off to camp so it sat waiting until I was home to start the process.


First thing first is to get this thing stripped down to the parts I will actually need. Had to get rid of the KX , hand guard , and troy Buis.

10.5-018410.5-0168Once the upper is dissembled and ready for the DD lite rail I had to modify the thing just to be able to be used with a 10.5.


In the first photo you can see the areas that needed to be trimmed for this to work. After being trimmed back it was taped off and sprayed black just hide the trim job. These rails need to be modified to fit the barrel along with the ability to use a silencer.


Assembled. Lastly I need to add there M720V , PEQ15 and source a eotech for this thing since my last one died ….


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