New Bag Day

Something that normally happens to me when lurking instagram or facebook, is the targeted ads. This time was no different , I was target by another bag company but it was a company I was actually aware of. Domke got me on this shit really good with their targeted ad.  I want to say it was Memorial Day or something like that and the ad was for a multicam camera bag that I absolutely didn’t need, since my small camera bag role is filled by the peak design 10l sling bag ( HERE )  So I did what I always do and bought it.

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 7.06.55 PM.png

Ended up getting the F-5XB in MC since I dont really have any other MC bags and decided I wanted something different.  I also want to make note that I wasn’t even sure what size this thing was but the bag showed up today and its pretty fucking rad, not gonna lie.DOMKE-05812DOMKE-05816side bag with the ability to be belt mounted is pretty solid secondary option.


Top flap has hook and look so it is secured that way and the main compartment has a zipper so it isn’t just an open top bag with a flap.

DOMKE-05827DOMKE-05824Note the Made in US tag.

DOMKE-05829DOMKE-05831DOMKE-05838this isn’t just a padded insert that is stuffed into a bag , it has padding where it needs to be, the bottom included and in a weird side pocket that I think I might try and put my iPad in. The hardware on the bag itself is nice and the only complaint I have about the bag is the materials used for the strap and mounting webbing. could have been a better color and a different material. But all and all it was 99 bucks and in MC. Ill be loading this up with my a6400 kit and see how it ends up working out for me.

Domke Bag HERE 



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