As previously mentioned, I bought a DVC-P  and as you can see it is among the other two RMR’d comped pistols I own.  As I typed this out I realized I completely suck and you shouldn’t listen to anything I say, ever.


To start this thing off right I decided to do something ive never done and go ahead and shoot a red dot torture test.  Started off not warmed up and switched to the G19 and then back to the DVC-P for the third round.


Not warmed up straight out of the bag. 3 Yards with 124 grain 9MM . I shot low and left… low is me . low lett is a whole other battle.



The 1 x 1 for 9 &10 is what got me when I ran the G19. Not too bummed on how this turned out cold from the G19. ( I have enough rounds threw the damn thing. Note this is the second attempt. Same 124g ammo and 3 yards.


Back at it with the DVC-P and this time shooting low left and really getting that shake back in the game. same 124g and 3 yards as the other two and can actually say that I really like this gun despite what this looks like.  With some more rounds threw thing ill be extra stoked.  Anyways, watch the video and tell me what you think.


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