ReFactor ASO Duffle.

For some reason, I thought I had already written this blog post but I guess I didn’t. So let’s get down to it. I purchase this bag about a year and a half ago during the quest to find a kit bag that was more of a duffle than a giant tote bag. Between the bag groups and lurking IG post for something I may want, I remember seeing the ASO bag posted on a buddies IG. Everyone knows I don’t shy away from spending money on bags and at 260 bucks for a solid color bag, this was not the cheapest nor the most expensive. In the past, I would use north face duffles and pelican cases in order to haul my shit around.



A typical loadout for me is a low pro range belt, bong bag, helmet with all the shit hanging off the side of it, and every once in awhile a plate carrier. For the sake of this blog post there is a PC and no belt setup, that shit is in the pelican below it.

Bag has enough room for working professionals ( not me ) and for people who have too much money spent on gear ( me ).


Very large front pocket with both molle and loop so you can attach your shit via hook or pals.   On the inside, you will find mesh pockets on 3 sides of the interior along with some molle on the opposing side running the length of the bag. ASO-08725

On the inside of the lid, you have 3 mesh zippered pockets that run the width of the lid.  For instance when we shoot during the winter and I need to bring a handwarmer and hand warmers these top pockets work wonders for those, along with chemlights.


The other small shit this bag has that is pretty rad is that it has tuckable side straps and come with backpack straps which I don’t actually use. ASO-08727

I bought this bag used off eBay for about 200 bucks shipped and it worked really well for what I needed out of a kit bag. If you are in the market for one don’t hesitate to buy one to add to the collection or rotation. Before you do end up buying one the few things I didn’t end up liking about this bag is the carry handle straps are a little too short when you have the bag packed with too much shit and the overall height is a little too short. All and all well worth it for 200 bucks if you can find one used or just buy a Supdef Dumpster cough cough cough.




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