Coffee shop bag.

As promised, here it is, what’s in my bag post I said I would make. I have been teasing this bag for a few months now and have made a few modifications to it since the original sample. Supdef Short bus is the next bag in the lineup and coming in at 21L ( roughly) with mixed camos and a solid amount of small organization pockets it will for sure make most bags in its size seem like a Jansport.

Short bus-4686

A typical load out for me when hitting coffee shops in town is the following.

  • MBP 16″ – This is the new big fucker that apple just dropped.
  • MBP charger in a Supdef Sandwich bag.
  • G drive 1TB SSD external
  • Random stickers
  • Chapstick
  • Airpods
  • Metal straw.

shortbus -08787shortbus -08788

The internal laptop pocket will fit a 16″ MPB and has loop on the front so you can mount bags in hold other shit.

shortbus -08790shortbus -08792

the lid has a mesh pocket on the top and packloth pocket on the bottom, these two pockets are open space that I use to hold hard drives and cables.

shortbus -08794

The front two pockets have organizational small pockets to fit your small shit.

shortbus -08796

This bag is finalized and it’s looking like the drop on this will be mid-march.  when more of that info comes out .


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