As most of us know, you don’t need a plate carrier, but you probably own one. And I am a sucker for gear and color changes, so you already know I own a PC. It’s pretty simple; I own a JPC 2.0 that is set up super simple since I’m not getting shot at, it can be slim.


Current setup in this photo has a spritus systems MK4 chest rig, AXL JPC adapters, brixx and mortar chem light carriers, half face blades Disater Jr bade. I’ve used this setup maybe ten times total, big shocker!

New shit showed up in the mail from spritus systems. Shout the fuck out to Flynn, thanks!  I’ll have to get this thing set up and get some use with it.

Spritus Systems LV119 Overt


LV119 With tubes. PC-08845

MK4 Micro Fight with a sack.PC-08846

Micro fight with a bank robber and sack.


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