Crye Zip on back panel 2.0

Yet another no one has asked overview of a product 90% of us don’t need, but 10000% want to own. To get this out of the way, I have no real reason to own this thing, yet it is super rad, and I wanted it. I would go with that if you are reading this, then you know what this product does and really who it is for and why. Crye Precision makes some solid fucking kit, and with the expansion panels being available for more than the price of a JPC 2.0, it makes sense that not a lot of people purchase these things or even have a use for them. Let us dive into this piece of kit.

The back panel itself is made out of all quality shit, and I don’t need to get into those specifics because you can read them ( HERE ) on Crye’s website. The layout consists of two pouches up top and two larger pouches that span the width of the panel itself.


The back of the panel is mounted to your kit using Loop and some Hypalon with snaps on the straps along with zippers on the left and right side of the panel.BACK PANEL -7479


Top pouches.


MiddleBACK PANEL -7486



A pretty rad swell of the back magazine pouches is located on both sides.


Located in the middle of the back panel is a passthrough that allows you to put in bolt cutters with the provided tuckable sack thing. I am guessing you can also throw any other type of forcible entry tools in that same pocket.


This little stash pocket allows for the capture of your tools.  also is tuckable if you don’t always need a tail.


As I mentioned, I do not need this thing, but I wanted it to add to the kit, so as of right now, I need to figure out what is essential to have on my equipment that would make sense to be in the back panel.



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