Dead Air Wolfman

I am going to get this out of the way.  This can sat in NFA jail for 2 months, the quickest I’ve ever had form 4’s come back.  Back to it! Here we the Dead Air Wolfman 9MM multi-caliber rated silencer. I know you have all seen these things and watched everyone else talk about them. Now it is my turn to post my shit and tell you how rad this thing is!


This Wolfman is setup with their micro Keymo adapter with a Micro Keymo.

n9-8488Here is some stuff on paper from 15 yards ( we were already shooting there). 1-3 are  just the Keymo. 4-6 are with the wolfman on at the same distance and more rounds.

  1. 115 Wolf Steel case
  2. 124 Ventura munitions reload
  3. 147 Ventura munitions reload
  4. 115 Wolf Steel case
  5. 124 Ventura munitions reload
  6. 147 Ventura munitions reload

Now here is the video so you can hear the can and some opinions.




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