The Roland Special Reconsidered

I like everyone at one point with an Instagram built a Roland Special, and honestly, I have had two variants of a Roland. My first version was of a ZEV G9 that used a Black Rifle CO Comp and a Zev barrel.


Randomly this is the only photo that exists. March 2017.

March 2017 is when I get around finishing the Roland I would end up building for the Shop. This gun is to be made and sold as a one-off project that I wanted to do, yet it never actually gets sold, and I sell my other g19 and start shooting the Shop Roland. The first couple hundred rounds were so frustrating because I was having nothing but issues when talking about the Roland for the last few years, I would tell people not to waste their money or time with the setup since mine was a shitbox.


Roland -8832Roland -8837


I really could not get behind the fact that I followed the build list and still couldn’t get a reliable gun. Plagued with FTF’s FTE’s and other nuisances that drove me crazy, also steered me in another direction with the pistol I would end up shooting the most. After some time, the gun ended up getting stripped back down to a carry gun, the kkm barrel/comp sold off, and the light went elsewhere, If I remember correctly even, the RMR was sold off or moved to another project.

Roland -8848Roland -8842Roland -8855Roland -8838Roland -8851

How I ended up back here and why I am writing this.
I feel like I have to write something about this gun. I did talk a lot of shit about it, and now I am here to let everyone know that I love it with all the shit worked out.

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