Blackhawk Omnivore ….. Fuck

What the fuck do these two pistols have in common? They both have accessory rails that are designed for a pistol mounted light. Unless you’re me and you’re thinking about SBR’ing your G17. Back to the shit at hand, Both of these guns have the ability to accept a pistol light, and in this case that pistol light is the X300U-A .  NOTE; I don’t shoot these two guns nearly enough and the case for the M9 is that I don’t currently own a holster that works for it with an X300.  If for whatever reason you hate new products and don’t understand how some companies are still around, enter Blackhawk who released a universal holster that touts usage with 150 semi-auto pistols with an accessory rail. After Tristan ( charliemikelv ) got one baed off a P&S blog post I am sure, he started telling me about this universal bucket.

Blackhawk -00252

The Blackhawk Omnivore is a universal pistol retention holster that uses the pistol light for the retention, now if you are familiar with pistol retention you already know about Safariland and all the shit they make.  The issue at hand with Safariland is that they don’t make a holster for every gun with most current setups. For instance,  I have a DVC-P  with an X300 and an RMR , they don’t even offer a holster for that weapon, let alone my setup.  With the Omnivore this thing should fix that problem.

Blackhawk -00249

Before I get too far into talking about this bucket let me just say that I think it’s fucking ugly as shit and I don’t understand why they put rubber on the outside of it. On the upside, the thing doesnt feel super cheap and the packaging is good.

Blackhawk -00258

This thing comes with a bunch of shit I’ll probaly never use but it’s in there. WHO THE FUCK USES THE PADDLE!   If I read correctly on the interwebz I will have to modify a QLS fork to work with this holster and that’s mandatory since all my holsters are on QLS.

I will get the QLS modified and gun on the belt, then get some video and other things of that process and how I end up feeling about this setup.



Blackhawk -00262

M9A3 – X300U – Omnivore




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