My firs AR build.

It was only a matter of time before I started talking about the goofy shit I’ve owned or why I bought what I bought.   My first AR I built during the 2011/2012 panic buy for Obama’s re election. At the time owned a SKS and some mosin’s despite never posting or lurking K board. […]

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I caved and started a new clone gun!  28TH EOD MK18. Parts list as follows. Presample Depot Lower Eotech Exps 3 Peq15 DD Lite FSP Carbine Noveske 10.5 FSP Complete upper KAC Micro Rear Sight Surefire M300V Magpul CTR         More updates as I have to modify the rail and build the […]

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SBA3 And the Future!

By now everyone in the gun community should know about the SBA3 and how fucking sweet it actually is. But for some fucking goofy reason you dont know about these things and or you live in a stupid state like i used to , then you should for sure own at least one of these […]

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