My firs AR build.

It was only a matter of time before I started talking about the goofy shit I’ve owned or why I bought what I bought.   My first AR I built during the 2011/2012 panic buy for Obama’s re election. At the time owned a SKS and some mosin’s despite never posting or lurking K board. Lots and lot of  M4 carbine and ARFcom lead me to my first build. Also keep in mind that 2011/2012 wasn’t a great time for lowers in CA or even complete rifles you could buy in CA. I honestly think that my options for buying stripped lowers were Stag, JD machine and spikes , everyone else was scared to end shit into the state .

Pre FB groups and IG dorks pushing shit gun companies we had normal shit gun companies getting pushed on forums,  and if you are like me you come forums. M4Carbine being the place I lurked for a lot of info had me believing that anything BCM , DD, KAC , NOVESKE , LMT is what I wanted. At the time I was so new to ” building ” and didn’t have a lot of cash. and this is what I came up with.

  • Upper – Rifle gear 14.5 pinned Daniel Defense Carbine length .
  • BCG – BCM
  • CH – BCM mod 4
  • Rail – DD omega X FSP
  • muzzle – Smith Vortex
  • Colt Carry Handle
  • Lower – Stag
  • LPK – CMMG
  • Comercial Buffer tube ( panic buy time, couldn’t find a Mil-spec tube anywhere )
  • Magpul MOE , MOE grip , AFG v1, Rail covers and 10 round mags


After a year or so I ended up changing some shit around and setting the gun up differently because I actually shot it more often. I changed out the commercial tube for a Mil-spec tube with a STS stock , changed out the grip to a A2 , AFG to a FG , axed the carry handle and went to a XPS2 and added a M600.  Oh also the first gun I spray painted.


My first AR and the big changes that happened before I started obtaining other guns that I felt suited my needs a little better, aka shit I wanted cause it looked cool.



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