SBA3 And the Future!

By now everyone in the gun community should know about the SBA3 and how fucking sweet it actually is. But for some fucking goofy reason you dont know about these things and or you live in a stupid state like i used to , then you should for sure own at least one of these SBA3 SB tactical braces.  There are plenty of pros and one con when talking about building a pistol with a brace and why you should install this thing over anything else.


  1. Travel – You can travel anywhere your gun is legal aka not CA. This is a big thing for me while not having a FFL I can pack my bag and head to Utah or AZ and not worry about filling out a stupid ATF form to let them know thats where the gun is going.
  2. No paperwork – You dont have to spend 200 bucks on a tax stamp just to wait 6-8 months to shoot your gun in the “correct” configuration . Also that time period as we all know is subject to the Gov doing their job and not fucking up your paperwork and or just losing it in the trash.
  3. instagram likes – yes this is a real thing, because thats what owning a cool gun is all about .
  4. Law Tactical Folder – Paired with a Law Folder it gets even more likes on IG.
  5. SBA3 – Uses a standard buffer tube so installing a stock when you get your tax stamp back is easy to swap out and doesnt require some dumb buffer tube that sells for 100 bucks.


  1. You no longer get any cool guy NFA points
  2. If you are running a brace while waiting for your stamp because you are impatient , then you have a brace and thats lame.
  3.  you pretty much get laughed at by anyone with a SBR.

If you are ok with the list above then you should be shooting your gun right now and now worried about what other gun dorks are saying about your pistol with a brace.

My current gun that I am shooting the most is a 10.5 Pistol with a Law Folder and a SBA3.  I fold that bitch up and put it in the car in a bag or on the floor, shit i even traveled out of state with it to UTAH last week. So already i am seeing the benefits of having a pistol over a SBR.


  • Noveske Gen 1 10.5 Stainless
  • 9″ NSR
  • MRO  / ADM mount 1/3
  • Magpul Pro’s
  • Law tactical Folder
  • SBA3
  • Magpul MOE FDE grip
  • M300V BCM keyed mount
  • DBAl A3 FDE Green Vis
  • BFG Vickers sling.




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