Absentee, Travel and Work

The last month and some change has been very crazy busy for me as I have gotten back into touring and event work. First even to kick the season off for me would be coachella / stagecoach for 4.5 weeks long. After my stay in the desert of CA and living out of a pelican 1620 and having to take the show on the road without a car, I decided to get a new piece of kit to make this travel some what easier. Little back story for those of you who actually read the shit or look at the shit I post. I have mostly always traveled with  pelican cases as my main piece of luggage. This time around I decided to get a GR3 and use it as my one bag! This silly ass bag is 45L and its massive. I  own a few GR1’s and a bullet and have always skipped over the GR2 but for some reason I thought it would be a great idea to get a bigger bag to cover this trip that would span 14 days start to finish .


Goruck GR3 – 45L

As you can see I also packed the bag with packing cubes, and those made the world of a difference when it came to usability of the main compartment. For this trip i brought pairs of  of everything  ( 7 Shirts ,7 pairs of socks , unders , pair of pants , 2 pairs of shorts ) also along for the ride would be anything i needed to charge my computer , iPad / phone  and the Fuji X100F i just bought.


The reality of Being packed and unpacked in the hotel is this right here. Sometimes my shit is organized and other times i gotta drop my stuff and change then out the door!



Parker with his Green GR1 -26L


All and all this bag ended up being just the right size for me , and Im pretty stoked that I bough it, it will for sure end up being my main travel bag as soon as i figure out how to pack a little lighter, but i will say this. thank you Goruck for making a bag that fits dudes over 6’0 because this thing sat on my back really well!

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