Brown Buffalo conceal 26L Backpack

Recently Brown Buffalo dropped a M81 US made conceal backpack and offered it in 19L and 26L . At the very last minute I decided to change my order to a 26L and kinda regret getting a 26L because I actually want to carry this thing as an EDC bag. Oh well !

If you have ever bought bought from Brown Buffalo then you know that their buying experience  is pretty fucking solid. As soon as I got the box and opened it up I was welcomed by some awesome packing.

BB 26L-03048BB 26L-03051

Between the tissue paper and the mesh bag this is an awesome thing to open up to. I think im going to end up going to use this mesh bag as a small laundry bag when doing over nighter trips!

From there we get into the other small details that came in the bag that I wasn’t expecting, like this serial numbered laptop sleeve that came with the bag. Shit, it even came with a pencil case!

BB 26L-03060BB 26L-03063

Over all I am super stoked on the construction and material use of this bag and shout out  to Doug over at Brown Buffalo for making a rad fucking bag! Once I get some use out of the thing ill post how I feel about all the pockets and let the blog know what the streets think about it!

BB 26L-03057 


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