Chrome Industries Cardiel Shank

Even though I just released a cross body / sling / fanny pack with supdef I decided to start looking at other types of fannypacks to replace my semi too small Fannysack. and for 45 bucks from chrome ( HERE )  I couldn’t pass this shit up!

Its pretty straight forward designed by Cardiel, ALL HAIL CARDIEL!  The biggest thing with carrying one of these is what can it truly hold that I can put in my pockets or have to wear in this bag when carrying off body.

CHROME-039951050D nylon in  , which I opted for OD Green.CHROME-04007U Lock slot on the back with a chrome woven tag.  CHROME-03998Cardiel Design patch.

As mentioned before its all about what stupid sized shit I can fit in the bag and get away with it still being usable.  So before you ask, yes it fits a G19 in it and you can still use the thing without sacrificing the shape of the bag! CHROME-04001

As you can see I tossed the Roland in there to see if it was going to be useful or end up in the pile with the other bags I don’t use.  On the internal of this thing its split up with a mesh divider and also has a key loop that I plan to attach my raven concealment holster to on my G42.  Lurk the photos and check out the sizing of the bag. that is a the length of a g34 and the the height of a 19 with a magwell and a 15 round mag.  I think this will do just fine for my new gym carry with a 42!



SNAG ONE HERE ! Just don’t tell them youre putting a gun in the bag!





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